Why We have Annual Meetings
NHAC Bylaws 2016

There shall be an annual meeting of the members of this church to be held at a time specified in the bylaws at which time the members shall receive reports of ministries, including audited reports of the treasurers, and shall elect church officers, elders, and members of the Governing Board. Additional ministry positions shall be filled as specified in the local church bylaws.  

The Governing Board, as specified in the local church bylaws, shall conduct the affairs of the church between annual meetings and shall be amenable to the membership and the district superintendent as constitutionally defined. Other meetings of the members may be called by proper notice to the membership as specified in the bylaws. On general church matters in which no legal questions are involved, it is understood that all members in good and regular standing who have reached the age of 16 years are entitled to vote, but in matters involving titles of property or legal procedure, the laws of the state determine the age at which members are eligible to vote


A. THOSE TO BE ELECTED: Those to be elected at the annual congregational meeting shall be the elders, officers of the Governing Board and the Nominating Committee members.  

B. NOMINATIONS FROM THE MEMBERSHIP: Any active member of the membership may nominate any person for an elected position according to the following:  

  1. The member wishing to place someone in nomination must contact and obtain permission from the person to be nominated and receive assurance that the person will allow his/her name to be considered.  
  2. The member wishing to place the name in nomination will then submit the name to the Nominating Committee, in writing, at least 7 days before the first meeting of the Nominating Committee which will be announced in the bulletin at least 2 weeks before the first meeting.  
  3. The Nominating Committee will satisfy itself that the person to be nominated meets the criteria of the Constitution, church bylaws and ministry position description for holding the elected office.  
  4. The Nominating Committee may consider the person to be nominated as their nominee if so desired. The Nominating Committee may also elect NOT to consider the person as their nominee. 
  5. Once the Nominating Committee has completed its work and rendered its report, an OFFICIAL BALLOT will be prepared for use at the annual meeting. The Official Ballot will contain the names as presented for each position by the Nominating Committee.  Further, those names presented by the membership that meets the required criteria will also be placed on the Official Ballot. However, they will be identified by an asterisk (*), and an appropriate footnote explanation that they were nominated by the membership.  
  6. There will be no nominations received from the floor during the election process.  

C. PLURALITY: Where required, the election shall be based on the rule of plurality.  


  1. Elected members of the Governing Board shall serve for a period of one year and shall commence office immediately following the election process.   
  2. The Governing Board shall have the authority to appoint qualified persons to fulfill unexpired terms of those elected persons as necessary. 

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