Staff & Leadership

We have a passion for people, our city and our world. Our culture and leadership is characterized by worship, the love of God, and a genuine call to ministry. These core values have been shaped by our rich history of great co-workers and energy; always pressing forward in our call to love God and love others.

  • Ramon Cisneros, jr.

    lead Pastor

    Ramon has been leading our church for over 10 years. His thoughtful teaching, passion for the Word and counseling experience has helped our ministry grow into the thriving community of believers we are today. 

  • Alondra Y. Cantu

    Church Administrator

    Alondra has been attending our church for several years now. She just began serving as our church administrator this February 2018. If you need anything or have questions don't hesitate to ask her!!


  • Veronica Guerra

    Church Treasure

    Veronica Guerra has served our church for over 10 years and is devoted to helping any way at our church. Veronica Guerra makes sure the finances of our church are in order! We are blessed to have her. 

  • Wade Jennings

    Worship & Arts Director

    Wade has been playing guitar with our church’s praise team since he was a freshman in our high school group. He now leads our congregation in worship every Sunday morning, also having a passion to raise up worship leaders in this next generation.


  • Elisa Hunt

    Administrative Director

    As well as being the one holding the office together on a daily basis, Elisa leads our Women’s Ministry in weekly Bible studies, prayer meetings and community outreach activities. 

n.h.a.c. elders

  • Juan Gonzalez

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  • rev. marco mendez

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  • juan medina

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n.h.a.c. Governing board

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Pastoral Counseling

Our goals in Pastoral Counseling are to guide and help individuals discover Christ-centered answers to a wide range of personal, relational, financial or other challenges. We have trained counselors and pastors who facilitate a free service for individuals seeking guidance for a variety of issues including marital and family relationships, communication and intimacy, parenting, grief and loss, anger and bitterness, inner personal struggles, and spiritual discouragement. Our volunteers receive extensive training, ongoing supervision, and continuing education. 

If you are someone who could benefit from counseling, you're not alone! We have hundreds from our congregation who have (and still) meet with our counselors monthly and weekly. If you would like to schedule an appointment or just have some questions answered, please reach out.